body fat vs scale weight.

For years I have been hooked on scale weight.  Low number=happy…high number=sad.  For the last several years I have transitioned to body fat calculations.

Today my BF was 21.7%.  That means I have a lot of work to do in the next few months. Especially the dreaded cardio.  

I’m lucky as my husband is a personal fitness trainer and does an excellent job calculating Body Fat.  We use a 7 point system using the Accu-Measure(C).  Its pretty inexpensive and once you get used to working it…its easy too.

Today we hit the gym and worked on biceps, triceps, shoulders and butts and guts.  Great workout…now to kick back and enjoy the rest of our Sunday.


Competing mindset

This is me at 58, at my last figure competition. Competing for me is about bringing my best to the stage. I have no illusions. There will always be someone stronger, fitter and younger standing next to me…but by competing I am among the 2 percent willing to do what so many are not willing to do. Challenging myself to lift heavy, eat clean and live my dream of a happy and fit lifestyle. My four month count down has begun.

Michelle Lee 036

Hitting the gym


As the New Year approaches, many of us will draw up a list of resolutions to improve ourselves in 2013.  

Weight loss always seems to top the list.

This year, rather than cutting calories alone consider increasing your exercise. Walk, run, play hard…lift weights…stretch and most important of all use imaging to help you build the body you have always dreamed of.  The mind is powerful, start filling it with positive messages.  Set goals and do what it takes to reach them.  There is no better feeling than the feeling of success.  Your heart will thank you.

Happy New Year!

figure shows are won from the back.

That was the advice that we received from Keith Williams during his forum recently at Phy-Ed Health Club in Superior, Minnesota.
That means not only the “back”, but the gluteus and the back of the thighs. While my back always looks great, its the everything below that needs tons of work.
Tomorrow we hit the gym for “guts and butts.”
Actually I’m looking forward to it…as my husband is my trainer. Talk about quality time together.
Until next time,
lift heavy, eat clean and live your dream.

Figure Competition

I’m thinking seriously of competing in one last figure show.  The Iron Viking will be held in Duluth, Minnesota in May of 2013. That will give me time to cut fat and tone muscle.  I know age is not a factor for those of us who simply wish to build their best body, at what ever stage of life one is at. If I do compete I will be one day shy of my 61 birthday. Between now and then, I will have to drop 16 pounds and maintain muscle mass.  Relearn posing, and continue to build confidence and attitude.  I recently went to a posing seminar at Phy Ed Health Club in Superior featuring Keith Williams, some great tips and I will attend his next session in January.  

On the plus side of contest prep, clean eating, regular work outs and mental imagery.  These three steps make me feel so wonderful.

On the down side…its a lot of work!  But I’ve been there and done that having competed in several past shows. It is about planning and decided how to spend my extra time each day.

So, here I am…dipping my big toe back in testing the waters.  Soon enough I will have to take the leap. Stay tuned.

Michelle L. KovanenImage

cave girl loves cookies

Made some chocolate chip cookies this weekend. Coconut flour etc…they were just too good. Now up a pound. So I guess I know my limits. Sure they are good…but the old non-palieo cookies were too…and I could never say no after just one.
I have also stopped my hormones. Just experimenting. Noticing a few hot flashes here and there. Or it could simply be the heat.

Back to work

I’ve lost the six pounds I gained from the IV’s at the hospital and am ready to get back to work. My cave girls lunches are packed and don’t plan to do any cart wheels, but I should be just fine. I am anxious to get back to the gym to lift weights, but will hold off until Thursday. While I don’t mind losing my mind…I don’t want to lose muscle.

Fainting spells

I had quite the scare on Friday night. I fainted at a party. My blood pressure dropped to 70 over 50 and was put into an ambulance and admitted to the hospital. Of course some said…hey its that crazy diet. Now let me explain. My bp always runs low 98/65. I think it has to be a combination of one glass of wine, standing at a cocktail party for more than an hour…and the stress of being around people I did not know. Luckily there were two doctors on hand. First they thought it was a diabetic reaction. Spoon fulls of honey, peanut butter crackers…milk. I came out of it briefly but then very clammy and light headed.
At the ER and hospital 3 bags of IV fluids, tons of blood work, and mri. all negative. Finally home on Sunday 6 pounds heavier. Yikes….can you say water retention? Doctor wants me to wear a heart monitor for a couple of days. While I am no doctor, I believe it was simply dehydration, fear of crowds and standing up for a long stretch of time. Today I am a little tired, I have lost 4 pounds…and will stay home from work. Tomorrow I will be back in action. I’m not ready to give up the cave girl diet just yet. I did add a little salt to my diet and will be pushing fluids.
The funniest moment? In the ambulance. First responder, “How old is she?” 60. What? She doesn’t look more than 45!”

still dropping weight on the cave girl diet.

143 today. It is exciting to see the scale drop, week after week. Maybe this is the way to eat? My husband asked me how many tons I have dropped. So if he is noticing it is happening. My favorite meal? Range free chicken egg omelet fried in butter with mushrooms and bean sprouts.
Last night I ate t-bone steak and veggie salad with a beautiful olive oil dressing.
Lots of water, lots of strawberries, nuts and good fats.