women figure competitors over 50?

My husband ask me this morning if there were a lot of women over 50 who compete in figure competitions.  I didn’t have an answer for him.  I googled the question and found nothing.  If you know of other women who are fifty years older or more who compete in NANBF or NPC at fifty and beyond, please let me know.

Training is complete for November 1, 2008 NPC show at the Myth.  I am waiting for the bottoms of my suit and it should arrive in the mail today.  I had to have the elastic resewn.  To much bikini bite the last show…it stretched the suit a bit.

Energy has returned and tonight we begin applying Pro-tan.  Tomorrow I pack my show bag and will travel to the Twin Cities.

There will be lots of wonderful contestants at the NPC show…all who have trained hard these past several months. It will be a celebration of health and fitness.

Lift heavy, eat clean…and live your dream.

One thought on “women figure competitors over 50?

    Have an absolute BLAST Michelle!!! I’ll be thinking about you, and wishing i was there to hoot and hollar for you in person(So instead when you walk on that stage, picture my face in the crowd with a BIG smile, and rooting you on, yelling my lungs out!)!
    You look very elegant on stage and very graceful, it really is neat to see on your video, it makes you stand out. You will do GREAT!!!

    On the 50 and over competitor question, we have seen that age group increasing in the NANBF, so it’s not unheard of and is quite astounding to see what women can accomplish and how much more youthful they look…fitness and good health REALLY make a difference! YOU are proof of this…absolutely beautiful and fit looking and i have to say your back is very, very good….very impressive!!
    Keep up the awesome and inspiring work..you are a true CHAMPION!!!!


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